Colombian house music with DJ MAYBE

Short welofi's interview with house music producer from Barranquilla (Colombia)  DJ MAYBE

lo-fi house


How much time do you spend on music?

It depends on the week - if have too much to do. But probably like 2 days a week I work on my music and and the rest for me it's just  looking for more music

Can you tell us something about how your musical taste evolution?

Well when I first started to listen electronic music I was into dubstep and witch house around 2010. Then the deep house era hit me and I've started to do my own productions and finally my music taste right now

can turn my music into house, electro and techno

What devices or software do you use in music production?

For my music productions I use ableton live 9 with just my custom presets and samples. I want to keep it simple because when my tracks get too complex I don’t like them anymore.

The VST’s I use the most are dexed, izotope vinyl and guitar rig

What you think about the so-called «lo-fi» scene/music which became quite a popular thing now?

I think this genre is just awesome - people have no boundaries for do what they love. This let people follow any path they want and keepin it nostalgic and warm

For you personally music is a main occupation or just a lovely hobby?

Producing music it’s my favorite hobby, I’m currently learning to mix on vinyl and studying computer science. I hope maybe in the future music can be my main occupation



What do you think about new colombian house scene and interesting places for visit in your opinion?

I don't know too much about colombian house to be honest, but I think the guys of Discos Nutabe from Medellin are doing a really good job and my friend Felipe Gordon who just release on Toy Tonics. About places to visit in Colombia there is one place on Medellin called Calle 9+1


Calle 9+1

Top 5 tracks for you now

Here is my top:

  • Alicia Myers - I Want To Thank You (Earl Jeffers Edit)
  • Adryiano - Dreams With lo-fi house
  • Niles Cooper - Reach Out (4U) lo-fi house
  • Supreems - Close Your Eyes (And Feel)
  • Kask - Vorst