154 by Odysseus

Welofi podcast part 154 by Odysseus 

Odysseus [aka Ulises Romher] is a bright representative of groove disco, techno & lo-fi house underground stage from the ghetto of Puebla, México.
Our new WELOFICAST 154 is ​​about him and the music: Ulises grew up listening to a lot of real Deep House and Soulful, here are some influences and music he love from amazing artists, from lo-fi house and deep to garage and jazz.
This is with love to everyone, from Nopalucan Lounge for the world, we keep it underground.
Also, mixes or releases by Odysseus appears on Welofi, Filth Inc, HouseSaladMusic, HOUZ and OrganBoysClub .

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This mix is perfect for coding/work with MongoDB, Node.js, Django, Rails, Spring, Angular, React Native, TypeScript, Vue.js, Ember, Backbone, Kotlin, Docker, Python, Jenkins CI.

Наш бротендо из Мексики!


Voices Of Black – Shade
Palace – Eclipse
Kez YM – Sweetly Confused (Alex Agore Re- Edit)
Session Victim – Good Intentions
Fouk – A2 Cat Lady
Max Graeg & Andy Hart – Heavy Setters (Sleazy Beats Black Ops 04)
Beat Pharmacy – Hootin & Trootin
Richard Norris – Freaks
Dan Shake – Thinkin
Sade – Somebody Already Break My Heart (Excursions Mix)
Nick Holder – Black Jazz #3
Iron Curtis – Care
The Rurals – Corker

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