FABIO MONESI'S interview for Welofi //WILSON RECORDS NIGHT 18th feb 2017

FABIO MONESI and WILSON RECORDS NIGHT w/OL, LOW808, ELLIPSE, MICHURA, LOL123 (Наука и Искусство, Moscow, 105120) — February 18′ 2017

Interviewed and written by Yuliana Ahulijing

A few days ago Moscow’s house lovers had the opportunity to hear Fabio Monesi’s live vinyl set during Wilson Records Night which held a place at NII (НИИ, Sciense and Art). Welofi caught Fabio for a couple of words.

Your tracks have a quite specific sound and it’s so nice! We want to ask you about technical aspects: what kind of devices you prefer to use? Maybe you have your favourite one?

I have many different machines, for example Roland TR-909, TR-707, R-8 MK II, but Akai s950 is absolutely my favourite piece in the studio.

Talking about your label (name and logo), does it have some allegorical sense or you’re just a “Cast Away” film fan?

When I was about to launch my label I was looking for a strong logo easy to remember. Suddenly, “Wilson” came to my mind and I thought: «Oh, yeah, this would look so good on a record!». I also love the movie but that’s another story.

The formation of the musical taste is a very delicate and long-term process. Can you mark out figures, albums (of any genres), maybe specific party which made a great impact on you or which are very special to you?

I don’t have specific albums or tracks, in some way I can say that the way I dj is also due to a series of great parties we had in Italy back in the days, where music, animations and many small details were all at the same level to guarantee a unique experience.

I started to dream about that magic world very young proper because of the atmosphere. It was not just about the music, it was about the experience. Nowadays we have lost some of those components giving more importance to the music, so I try to give a good experience to the crowd just with my own taste of music.

Nowadays we observe that many musicians draw their attention to such things as analogue systems, vinyl, cassettes etc.. Do you think that musical trends have a cyclic character (like history for example)?

It’s good to see that people understood the importance of investing money in what they believe. Trends are always cyclic of course but some machines really make the difference if used with a good knowledge. Those people who buy a machine or press records just to follow a trend, they will also disappear as soon as the trend changes. This thing is not for everybody. If you want to follow trends it’s better to dedicate your time to fashion maybe.

What about your cooperation with Gene Hunt and his release on Wilson Rec. How did you come to this?

I’ve always been a big fan of Gene. When we finally met in London we had so much fun and later we decided to release something on my labels.

Got you. And the last question: in your interview for Mixmag you feel very excited about British music scene. What do you think: what places (not necessarily European) have the greatest influence in shaping the direction of musical trends in our time?

For me London has always been one of the most influential cities in our time, as well as Berlin, Tokyo and New York.

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