Soundscape «Звуковой ландшафт» 2023

Soundscape «Звуковой ландшафт» 2023

Soundscape (or originally «Звуковой ландшафт») – new documentary series about music from national regions of Russia has started in 2023 <3

In detail «Звуковой ландшафт» or «Soundscape» and it’ perform 10 films, 10 republics, 10 musical projects, 10 stories.

As its creators say, it is an attempt to immerse oneself in regional culture through music that sounds in the languages of peoples from the Caucasus to Eastern Siberia.

To put it differently “Soundscape” is an online series of 10 episodes. With this in mind each episode explores musical projects from a particular region. Each film features a new region, stories in the languages of the peoples of Russia about honest creativity and their native land. As a matter of fact the project team is a group of young filmmakers, musicians, travelers, ethno-enthusiasts and researchers interested in regional culture.

In other words stories of independent musicians who found their way to themselves. The presenters of the project in different parts of Russia will meet not only the folk music that is expected from regional musicians. Stoner and hardcore, post-punk and noise, indie rock and electronics are ahead. The episodes combine interviews, performances by musicians, and mini-expeditions to places dear to the heroes.

Project participants:

  • Ragon bal (North Ossetia-Alania),
  • Gollu (Karachay-Cherkessia),
  • U EN (Mari El),
  • Finno-Ugric shamanic orchestra UMPU (Udmurtia),
  • kuturar (Sakha),
  • Hagrin (Kalmykia),
  • January Blues (Ingushetia),
  • LUTAAR (Buryatia),
  • Bai-Terek (Altai),
  • qaynar (Tatarstan).

The premiere will be on October 1, the episodes will be released once a week on Sundays in VK group.

Director: Tikhon Pendyurin, Genrikh Ignatov
Scenario: Kirill Safronov, Anna Murasova, Ira Dmitrieva
Producer: Vladimir Nazarchuk, Tikhon Pendyurin, Maya Kolikova

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