“BASIC INSTINCTS” by DIRTY GLASSEZ is aimed at more melodic, atmospheric music and is not limited by genres. This project run by Maxim Zabolockyi. And the first mentions of DIRTY GLASSEZ date back to 2022 in soundcloud media space.

The very first track under this pseudonym gave its results unexpectedly quickly, at the moment the project was supported by the labels System 108, Welofi, MOSOBLELECTRO, Organ Boys Club, Truth Radio, Filth and many different artists around the world.


In the realm of music, there are artists who meticulously craft their sound, striving for perfection, and then there are artists like DIRTY GLASSEZ who aren’t afraid to let their raw, unfiltered emotions pour into their work. Hailing from Moscow, DIRTY GLASSEZ has been making waves in the music industry with a distinctive style that seamlessly fuses genres and captivates listeners with its authenticity.

Moreover, DIRTY GLASSEZ keeping the focus on the music itself. While many contemporary artists are often oversharing on social media, DIRTY GLASSEZ lets the music speak for itself.

What sets DIRTY GLASSEZ apart is their remarkable ability to blend an array of musical genres into a unique sonic landscape. Their sound is a fusion of electronic, hip-hop, and elements of avant-garde experimentalism. It’s a daring mix that defies conventional categorization, and that’s exactly what makes DIRTY GLASSEZ so enthralling. His music takes the listener on an unpredictable journey, weaving through various emotions and modern soundscapes.

Since 2022, the musician has managed to make his mark with releases on MOSOBLELECTRO, take part in the compilations «меня никто не спрашивал» and «BOOTLEG CLUB». In addition, be noted for mixes on LOCAL RADIO and St. Petersburg based independent radio R.R.C. – Renegade Radio Camp, as well as be heard on the waves of STUDIO 21 on the air of Nikita Zabelin’s weekly radio show Resonance Moscow.

And don’t forget about the mixes for Weloficast, We Are Not Only (by Molokolooza) and DISCOGRAPHY (by ioneweb).


Since the middle of October ’23 on air we can find his new «BASIC INSTINCTS» EP on Moscow based label System 108. «BASIC INSTINCTS» DURTY GLASSEZ is all about the golden blend between bass music and an emotional, melodic approach to electronica. The creative process furthermore absorbs the love for ambient, techno and breaks. While first single ICE, System 108 are super excited to share with us already the full debut EP by the enigmatic producer and new artist on System 108. BASIC INSTINCTS EP also features signature remixes by RAW TAKES and N95.

Full release link:


In a world of manufactured electronic music and formulaic music, DIRTY GLASSEZ stands as a beacon of authenticity and creativity. His fearless approach to blending genres, coupled with a willingness to lay bare his emotions, has earned him a devoted following. Whether you’re a fan of kind of electronic, hip-hop, or experimental music, DIRTY GLASSEZ offers something unique for everyone. The enigmatic artist’s ability to evoke emotions and curiosity through his music ensures that he will continue to make your body move on the dancefloors for years to come.