“LONE THUGZ IN HARMONY” EP by benueber, MDMAXEL, SKETCHY (released in 2020) shows no mercy in club-ready ghetto sounding, refusing to be constrained to classic hip-hop hammering us with an earful of raw house patterns. This criminal record is diversified. “LONE THUGZ IN HARMONY” EP dons six tracks packed with criminal synth chaos and twisted bass infringement, shows us variety of inspirations from oldschool Chicago groovy house with Detroit spirit to classical vibes of modern outsider house sounding.

This collaborative release by benueber (aka DJ YARAK), MDMAXEL (aka Moodrich), SKETCHY represents good example of new wave of ghetto house music – explosive mixture of lo-fi house and ghetto house. To clarify, ghetto house music, a subgenre of house music that originated in the Chicago underground scene, has been making waves for decades with its infectious rhythms, bold vocals, and unabashed raw energy. This unique style of music has evolved over the years, continuing to captivate audiences around the world.

The roots of old school Ghetto House music

As an illustration ghetto house music emerged in the early 1980s on the streets of Chicago. Influenced by Chicago house and the burgeoning hip-hop scene, ghetto house music embraced a grittier, more underground sound. The genre characterized by its heavy use of drum machines, vocal samples, and repetitive, bass-heavy beats. It often featured explicit and gritty lyrics, speaking to the realities of urban life.

In particular pioneering DJs and producers like DJ Funk, DJ Deeon, DJ Slugo, and DJ Godfather were instrumental in shaping the sound of ghetto house music. They took inspiration from Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods. And brought it to the dance floors. Created a deeply rooted sound in the city’s culture.

Characteristics of Ghetto House music releases

Any ghetto house release has some distinctive features:

Raw and Unfiltered: Ghetto house is all about embracing its rawness and authenticity. It’s not polished or refined; it’s meant to be unapologetically gritty and genuine.

Bumping Beats: The genre’s signature sound is driven by relentless, thumping beats. Beats that are designed to get the dance floor moving. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Vocal Samples: Ghetto house often incorporates vocal samples, typically taken from hip-hop, R&B, or other sources. These samples are often chopped and looped to create hypnotic vocal hooks.

Lyrical Themes: Ghetto house lyrics often tackle topics like sex, street life, and party culture. They’re straightforward and provocative, adding to the genre’s edginess.

Minimalism: Ghetto house is known for its minimalistic approach. With a focus on a few key elements that deliver maximum impact. It’s not about complex melodies but rather the power of repetition.

The impact of Ghetto House music releases

Over the years, ghetto house music has left an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape. Not to mention it has inspired countless artists, DJs, and producers who have incorporated elements of ghetto house into their own music. The genre’s influence can be heard in various subgenres of electronic dance music, from techno to bass music.

Ghetto house’s uncompromising attitude and relentless beats have earned it a dedicated and passionate following. Particularly in the underground dance music scene. It’s often this music associates itself with late-night raves, where the music’s raw energy and explicit lyrics can truly shine.

While ghetto house may not have achieved the same level of commercial success as some other electronic music genres, its cultural impact and influence on subsequent generations of artists cannot be denied. It remains a vital and vibrant subculture within the larger electronic music landscape.


In fact ghetto house music releases continue to push the boundaries of electronic dance music. It reminds us of the genre’s deep roots in Chicago’s underground scene. Its raw, unfiltered energy, thumping beats, and explicit lyrics make it a force to be reckoned with in the world of dance music. As long as there are those who crave the bold and uncompromising sounds of ghetto house, this genre will continue to thrive. Moreover it’s inspiring a new generation of artists and music enthusiasts

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