Mutabor club in Moscow

Mutabor club in Moscow

Mutabor club in Moscow is one of the best places in city where you can listen to the contemporary electronic music and get really good club experience. Nights easily turn into days here. Moreover, Mutabor are positioned as club and art centre. It is a trendy nightclub venue for modern citizens of Moscow.

Furthermore with looks of a warehouse and flooded with retro lightings, the venue offers rental space to artists and organizers hosting live DJ performances. Visit the techno house of Mutabor to groove the night away to some upbeat music.

Perhaps the main pure techno space in Moscow

The Mutabor club, located on the territory of the Sharikopodshipnikov Factory. It was launched in 2019 by Moscow’s main promoters and curators, from ‘ARMA’ to the ‘Rabitsa’ team. They immediately promised that it wouldn’t be limited to just raves, and they kept their word. In addition to parties featuring the best techno musicians from around the world, there are constantly experimental music festivals, theatrical productions, performances, and exhibitions here. The impressive industrial space of ‘Mutabor’ is a constant work in progress. Quite recently, a stage opened in the basement, and balconies above the main stage were arranged. In the new summer season, there will surely be many changes on the street as well. Mutabor keeps an eye on current social trends: separate waste collection has been in place here since its opening.

It’s an impressive space, far more interesting than most other places called ‘clubs’. There’s a lot of art, different zones, it’s comfortable, and the courtyard is very interesting. All events, especially the large ones, are a visual celebration comparable to the scenes at Signal, for example.

Eminent place of real music attraction

Mutobor’s opening on April 27th 2019 was was accompanied with live performances from Can-collaborator Phew, ambient/industrial pioneers Zoviet France and Ihor Tsymbrovsky. Moreover other upcoming bookings included Ricardo Villalobos, Nicolas Lutz, Sleeparchive, Regis and Ninos Du Brasil, along with Russian acts like Dasha Redkina, Vlada and Nikita Zabelin.

Moscow club promoters Rabitsa, the Volks and System 108 will throw parties at Mutabor, which will accommodate multiple stages indoors and outdoors in the summer months. During last years club hosted a lot of events, such as ARMA and Sigma Festival, ПЛОТЬ, Electrobudka, CHERTA and o lot of Monasterio events, OBERWAVE, Nasledie x катэраг, STVOL TV and PRIVATE PERSONS.

Unic soundspace and metaspace

To clarify if we consider the specific structure of the space, the main dance floor area has a pronounced reverberation, resulting in a noticeable echo.
This adds a resonant sound to the main dance floor. The second dance floor is more compact, and the sound reflection time is shorter. Due to the specific acoustics in Mutabor, experimental electronic music sounds unique on it.
Typically, the sound environment is designed based on an acoustic project. Hence this is a document that describes the calculation of sound pressure inside a room, taking into account its geometry, finishing materials, and provides recommendations for improving the sound profile in the space.
For calculations, a three-dimensional model of the room is initially used, which helps determine the best placement for acoustic systems and sound-absorbing materials. All of this is calculated using specialized software.
Acoustic engineers, using this software, identify sound reflections and decide how to address them. However, it cannot be said that the resulting acoustic representation will closely match reality, but it provides a general understanding of the sound of the space. Then comes the practical part.
Some amount of microphones are placed in various points of the room, and a loud noise source is used to capture sound measurements at different locations within the space. The obtained data is then compared to standard sound measurements.

Mutabor’s summary drawing of the premises

After completing work on the acoustic project, it becomes clear that you need to purchase a certain number of square meters of sound-absorbing panels, place them in specific locations, and adjust the sound profile in the range from 100 hertz to 20 kilohertz.

Information sources: IMI, Mutabor

Short support manual
How to get to Mutabor club in Moscow?

The club is located on the territory of GPZ-1. Enter through the factory entrance gate. Nearest subway station: Dubrovka. Moscow Central Circle (MCC): Ugrekhskaya. There is no parking available.
GPZ-1 Entrance: 2-ya Ulitsa Mashinostroyeniya, 13с21M.
Club Building: 13 Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Street, Building 32.

How to purchase or return tickets?

The club’s box office sells tickets for all club events. The box office opens no earlier than one hour before the event begins. Cash payment only. Pre-sale of tickets online is available on this website or in event announcements. For payment and refund inquiries, please contact the ticket service support.

Rules for Cashless Payment

To be able to make payments in the club’s bars and cafes, you should obtain an electronic payment card and top up its balance at one of the Exchange points. In general visitors can purchases and top-ups with cash or by credit card. After the event is over, the card will get blocking. Moreover, visitors can refund any unused funds at any Exchange point before the event ends. If the card was topped up with a non-cash method, refunds can only be processed with a receipt, and the funds will be credited to your account within 3-5 days. The deposit for the card is 100 rubles; return the card before the event ends to get this amount back.

My admission ticket was exchanged for a bracelet – can it be removed?

Upon entry to the club, visitors purchase electronic tickets or tickets at the box office and then exchange for individual bracelets. Entry to the event is only possible with this bracelet. An individual bracelet that has not been worn by the owner, has been removed or torn, has been transferred to another person in any way, or any bracelet after the event on which it was issued, is considered invalid.

Is it possible to re-enter the events?

Yes, with an individual bracelet. Upon entry to the club, electronic tickets or tickets purchased at the box office are exchanged for individual bracelets. Entry to the event is only possible with this bracelet. Reasons for considering no validity of bracelet:

  • individual bracelet that has not been worn by the owner;
  • removed or torn bracelets;
  • transfer of individual bracelets to another person in any way.

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